Passion Hub is an initiative by NeoFusion Creative Foundation.

NeoFusion mission is to empower less fortunate adolescents to lead a sustainable life by aligning their passions with their careers. 

NeoFusion has  recently launched a project called ‘Passion Hub- Taking mentors to villages through online classes’ to bring about change in the society. It is a medium through which we help the underprivileged adolescents to pursue their passions. Last month we worked with 400+ such students and hope to empower more. Our goal is to provide these classes so that students can develop skills which will help them make a living out of it. Our certified mentors take classes for various activities, one of which is Taekwondo. To promote Taekwondo as a passion in our students, we offer them belt exams for higher levels. 

During the time of lockdown when everything was shut, passion hub came In many children’s life as a hope. 400 children from 16 states joined our 1 month program and looking at their enthusiasm and passion to learn, we are starting more intense online classes for them.

Passion hub is helping students achieve their dream who thought they have no hope for their future, Passion Hub helped reinstating this hope in them like Anjali, a girl who has polio in her legs never got an opportunity to learn martial arts and dance who now is learning these skills through Passion Hub. 

Similarly, Raj Das, who shifted to a remote area in Assam, where the facility of milk delivery was also not available. He had stopped attending all his classes but after getting enrolled in Passion Hub, he feels positive about his future and sees himself as a future martial artist in some years and will be able to teach the kids in his village after learning this art form which will also help him to support his family. 

Pampa, a brilliant student and a passionate dancer shifted to Assam from Jaipur due to which she could not complete her graduation. Her family wanted her to get married but she convinced them and opened her own dance academy but because of lack of mentoring she could not keep the dance academy going on. Passion Hub helped her and filled the gap. She is currently learning Taekwondo and will be able to complete her dream of teaching children dance. 

We are also helping children by providing them phones and other requirements which are needed for fulfilling their dreams like Utpal, who loves kathak and used to practice it on a small key ped mobile screen. After he contacted us and sent us a video of his dance, we provided him with second hand mobile phone and because of Passion Hub he is currently learning kathak online. Many such Anjali’s, Raj’s, Pampa’s and Utpal’s are currently awaiting for such an opportunity and for that we need your support and help so that we can help them achieve their dreams and pave a way for their bright future  For more information, PFA the shared links and our program details. We hope that you will join and help us on this journey of shaping lives


  • Sir Deepak Aurora, from Jaipur gharana is honing the Kathak skills for these kids’ Super patient with his pupils he divulges how different art forms are innately related to our lives. For him, art is worship. He explains how Kathak is all about telling a tale or expressing emotions through hand movements and the body movements in tandem. In the segment, Taal se Taal Mila, he and Saptak Sharma Sir Talk about rhythm and explains how it is associated with all aspects of our lives.
  • Sudipta Guha, having an art experience of 21 years, is the ‘Art Ma’ for these kids. The need to observe and feel anything from heart to make art is the mantra that she shares with the kids


  • Mr Pradeep Kumar, a choreographer trained in contemporary, Bollywood, western aerial and Mayurbhanj chhau dance forms and having various YouTube channels to his credit, is giving Bollywood dance training to these underprivileged kids. With an assurance that the kids performing well would be given a chance to reach the second level motivates them to perform even better.

  • Mr Nitul Das, a master in Taekwondo and mixed martial art and women self-defence instructor has been roped in for teaching self-defence tactics to these kids. He conducted Taekwondo online belt exam., Where 22 students got Yellow Belt and 6 children got Green Belt.


  • Mrs Manjari Sinha, a Prabhakar in classical music is here to hone the singing skills under the segment sangeetmayi akashwani’. Through her soulful rendition of saptak, she makes her way to the kids’ heart and teaches them the basics of music and the importance of feeling and experiencing it to get the best outcomes.

  • Mr Pankaj Gupta, a Delhi based freelancer actor, theater director and workshop engage children in interactive theater based activities around creativity, imagination, self confidence etc  and with that students will explore how theatre is the art of telling stories through live acting.


support us and change the course of a child’s life today!