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Stories of Inspiration from our Team Members

Motivation and inspiration are the key components to unlocking and achieving true potential, but what motivates and inspires an individual may vary from person to person. At NeoFusion Creative Foundation, our team members are constantly encouraged to be curious and challenge the status quo. We also focus on ensuring that we create an environment of trust and openness, where are team members feel happy to come to work each day. 

Our team members believe in the sense of ownership and contribute greatly to important projects. Of course, all this doesn’t come easily. Our Team members are greatly inspired by our students and our collective passion to work toward the betterment of society. In our NGO, each day brings something new and different and this is one of the major reasons why our team members are fully committed and motivated to work with us. 

There are days when it is hard to find the motivation to show up even if you love doing your work. Such are the days when our team members don’t think about anything else except our vision and mission to improve the lives of underprivileged adolescents and youth. 

Our team members and mentors have grown so beautifully as a professional and personally while working with our students. The students and their motivating stories, cheer, laughs and sometimes tears are what make all of us at The NeoFusion Creative Foundation show up every day at work happily and motivated. But more than that is the undying passion of our team members and their strong spirit that keeps them inspired to work even harder. 

Today, we would love to share with you some diary notes of our team members that express what has inspired them to work with us every day with a smile on their faces.

Geetika Nair 

“What inspires me to show up every day is my daughter. In life, it is imminent that we face challenges and even in those excruciating times, my daughter continues to stay positive and be a beaming light in our lives. I have always told her to do the right thing when was younger and she holds that promise every single day which in turn motivates me to be a better mom and do even better in life. This is what inspires me to show up every day with a huge smile on my face to make my daughter proud the way she makes me proud.”

Jaya Gupta

“What inspires me to show up every day is the happiness of exploring what each day holds for me. It is the bliss of not knowing what lies in the future and my attitude of taking each day as it comes that helps me navigate through the uncertainties of life.”


“What inspires me to show up every day at the NGO, is my financial and living conditions that make me work very hard each day. I really want to work hard to change these. My mother’s face inspires me a lot because in her eyes I see that she knows that her son will give her a good life. There are many students who now look up to me and I don’t want to break their trust and this is a major factor that motivates me. I have realized that now I can’t be scared of fears and troubles as a lot of students have high hopes for me and it is my will to fight all obstacles and win in life.”  


“What inspires me to show up every day is my mom because she never gets tired of doing NGO’s work even if health conditions are against her sometimes. I have seen her doing multiple tasks at the same time. She is a disciplined woman and is very hardworking and dedicated. I have never seen anyone as passionate as her. I love and respect her the most and she is my biggest inspiration to work hard and sincerely.”

Firoz Khan

“The thing that inspires me to show up every day is my Ammi (mother) who gives me the courage to do every difficult task. And the other thing is the key of our NGO that helps me to wake up in the morning from laziness. If I have the key there is no way for me to be lazy because I have taken the responsibility to do my work on time.”

Nidhi Shanker Verma

“What inspires me to show up every day is the love and care of my family towards me and the belief that each new day will bring many positive changes in my life.”

Dr. Anubhooti Bhatnagar

“For me, it’s the vow for my country and the mission that I have to bring change before I die. It’s my NGO students that challenge me to do more and more. It’s the happiness of my family and my mediation that inspires me to show up every day at work.”


“मुझे बच्चों के साथ काम करना पसंद है। न्यू फ्यूजन, ऐसे बच्चों के साथ काम करता है, जिनको आसानी से प्लेटफार्म नहीं मिल पाता, तो ऐसे में मेरे लिए न्यू फ्यूजन  के साथ काम करना और भी खास हो जाता है। न्यू फ्यूजन में मैं जिन बच्चों को थिएटर सीखता हूँ, उन बच्चों में मैंने काफी पॉजिटिव बदलाव देखे हैं।

ये बदलाव देख कर मन को खुशी मिलती है। ये बच्चे पढ़ाई और दूसरी कलाओं में भी बहुत अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं। मैं उम्मीद करता हूँ कि न्यू फ्यूजन ऐसे ही बच्चों के साथ काम करता रहेगा। बच्चे भी  न्यू फ्यूजन की छत्रछाया में रह कर अपने सपनों को पूरा कर सकेंगे। न्यू फ्यूजन को भविष्य के लिए बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएं।”

Aren’t these wonderful? Such stories of inspiration bring tears to our eyes almost every day and fill our hearts with compassion, passion, and a promise to work hard each day. 

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