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The neofusion creative foundation


The Formation of The NeoFusuion India (TNI)

The fast-changing dynamic between global and national markets have created a mismatch between existing skills and skill required to avail of the market opportunities. The need to alight skills of the youth with the ever-expanding and the changing market has become all the more necessary. The Neofusion Creative Foundation has always had the mission to educate adolescents until they become self-reliant, financially stable, and contributes greatly to their family, surroundings, and the country. 

The key issues associated with this huge gap between underprivileged youth and employment opportunities are mainly because – low aspirations among the youth from the disadvantaged backgrounds in terms of acquiring new skills, the presence of a large number of unskilled labor in the rural sector, and limited employment opportunities for underprivileged youth with traditional skillsets. Apart from these inadequate project management skills, inadequate work athletics, absenteeism, unwillingness to work, etc are also some reasons for the gap. 

The Neofusion India aka TNI is an initiative of The NeoFusion Creative Foundation which through its skill training and vocational training aims at creating a pool of young and independent people, from a section of underprivileged youth, through skill enhancement aligned with market requirements and job opportunities. It is an effort toward reducing the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower and prospective jobs in India. TNI through its various programs trains the underprivileged youth in graphic designing, tele calling, SMO, data entry operations, and telemarketing among others. 

TNI is creating an interesting and empowered ecosystem approach to focus on youth empowerment and income generations for youths while helping our corporate clients to outsource their work in an affordable, efficient and trustworthy manner. India has the largest youth population in the world. Through TNI, we have taken up the initiative and intend to transform the work dynamic of the youth and our client. We aspire to create agents of multi-generational change and economic impact by focusing on youth empowerment by providing them with employment opportunities. We mentor the youth workforce while aligning them to their passion and simultaneously collaborate with various industries to work on short and long-term projects.

The end goal for us has always been to enable youth to become self-sufficient through education and employment. We love to empower the youth to become drivers of change through a variety of activities. We want the youth to realize their true potential with the help of our training in certain life skills that increase self-confidence and employability. 

The primary objective of The NeoFusion Creative Foundation and TNI is to encourage youth to stay in formal education as long as possible while training them and providing them jobs that in the long run assist them and take them on the path of a fulfilling career.

TNI ties up with companies that outsource their work to them and simultaneously train the workforce to fulfill the responsibilities of these jobs and provide business consulting services. 

With the help of talented youth, The NeoFusion India has become the best outsourcing company, consulting company, and the best marketing agency in Gurgaon.

While envisioning a world where the youth has transformed and is empowered to be the torchbearers of change, The NeoFusion Creative Foundation and TNI also realized that freelance marketing and outsourcing agencies have been gaining a lot of traction for the past few years. We also realized that outsourcing work to agencies is way more convenient and affordable and with this realization, we trained the students of TNI in such fields where they can easily work or clients who would love to outsource their work to us. 

TNI is making youths technology proficient with the aid of career-oriented courses and jobs that will open them a wide array of opportunities. Digital literacy and digital-oriented jobs have become the need of the hour and these exposures will be of great help to prepare the youths for our fast pacing world and for positions of future leadership. 

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