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The Successful Stars of Neofusion 

When we started The NeoFusion Creative Foundation, we believed that every adolescent has the access to realize their full potential through quality education and holistic learning and become young empowered leaders in the urban and rural segments while contributing toward a self-reliant world. We believed in personal development, self-development, and overall development, and with this, we started grooming and personality development of these adolescents.

Approximately 95% of Indian children attend primary school but barely 55% of them end up reaching higher secondary school. This means that half of the children drop out after 7-8 years of elementary education and do not get a chance to acquire minimum acceptable foundational skills. NeoFusion’s most important area of expertise has always been in remedial education and vocational learning. Our multidimensional and empathetic approach allows us to be part of an adolescent’s journey from early to later stages. 

A large proportion of underprivileged youth in India lacks education and proper guidance. It is not their lack of knowledge that is the reason for their unemployment. It is because they do not possess the right skills and attitude. The underprivileged youth must be channelized properly with proper direction and learn to aid in the economic growth of themselves and the country. Keeping this thought in mind, The NeoFusion Creative Foundation has been running vocational skill development for the past few years to bridge this gap. Our center is running an immersive, practical oriented corset where hands-on learning is the basis like – digital marketing, SEO, tele calling, data entry, graphic designing, etc. Every year hundreds of underprivileged youths are being churned at our training centers that are capable of generating employability for the underprivileged youth.

Our students have proved to be extremely hardworking, resilient, and sincere and have been making us very proud every day. We would love to take this opportunity to share with you “The success stories of our students”.


Sachna from Uttarakhand is a determined girl who is a great taekwondo enthusiast and even teaches young batches in the evening, with determination and gest. The NeoFusion Creative Foundation has given her a platform to improve her speaking skills and increase her confidence simultaneously. She is passionate about working in the beauty and modeling field and we are sure that she will succeed beautifully in all her future endeavors. 


Partima is from West Bengal and lives in Gatsula over her. When her parents decided to move here, they initially started to live with her father’s elder brother in the village. She didn’t feel comfortable over there and decided to come to us. She is currently in grade 10th and has a keen interest in Kathak and theatre and wishes to pursue these fields in the future. She had joined The NeoFusion creative foundation 4 years back and wanted to study since all her other 4 sisters were educated too. We helped her with her education and concentration and in the past 1 year, she has done very well for herself and has shown major improvement in Kathak.


Sammer is from Bihar but he was born in Delhi. He was just in grade 2 when he joined us. He is in 10th grade now and is thankful to us for helping him in a lot of ways one of them being understanding and speaking English. He is now a master in English and can also teach English to others. He always had a keen interest in Dancing and one day someone was dancing in his locality which made him feel that he also wants to learn dance professionally, and this is the reason why he joined us. In the last 1 year, he has been awarded a high-grade belt in taekwondo and he wishes to become a bank manager in the future.

Anjali (photo)

During the lockdown, The NeoFuson creative foundation came into many children’s lives as a ray of hope and one such example is Anjali, a girl who met with an accident when she was 3 years old and never got the opportunity to learn martial arts and dance but is learning these skills now.


Pampa, a brilliant student and a passionate dancer who shifted to Assam from Jaipur due to which she could not complete her graduation. Her family wanted her to get married, but she convinced them and started her dance academy, but because of the lack of guidance she couldn’t continue it. We helped her in filling this gap. She is currently learning taekwondo and will be able to fulfill her dream of teaching dance to children.

Laxman (photo)

From delivering milk in the morning to attending school later, Laxman’s story is an emblem of dedication and hard work. He joined us in 2015, however, due to unavoidable financial and personal issues, he dropped out of classes.

NeoFusion Team, didn’t want his talent to go in vain, hence, funded the fee, and after rampant counseling, he resumed classes and since then there’s no looking back. Currently pursuing graduation in Journalism, he works as a Project Coordinator at NeoFusion.  

All these stories give all of us goosebumps and leave us speechless. The dedication and motivation of these students are truly inspiring for each one of you and we promise to work with much more hard work so that we can share with you many more of such success stories and make this world a better place for everyone.

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