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A Typical Day At NeoFusion 

If you have been curious to know what a typical day looks like for us at NeoFusion, then look no further! This blog is all about what our day looks like at The NeoFusion Creative Foundation.

We love to share blogs and articles that help in creating awareness about the various aspects of a social sector of non–governmental-organization. While writing these blogs and articles we were always struck by the idea of writing an informal blog about what a  typical day at our NGO looks like. 

Our day starts by hearing the not-so-wonderful alarm go off. As individuals, we always try to tell ourselves to oversleep but as surprising as it may sounds, we always get up with a smile and motivation to reach the NGO and have a wonderful day ahead. 

Once we reach the NGO we are greeted warmly with the smiles and chatter of our students. Their enthusiasm and never-ending motivation are our motivation every day.

An average day at The NeoFusion Creative Foundation is filled with internal meetings, external meetings with stakeholders and donors, interactive sessions, and classes with the students. Some days are interesting and some days are just very interesting. There is never a dull moment in our NGO. Most days we spend high-fiving each other for successfully overcoming obstacles, raising funds, or helping the students and helping the NGO Scale.

The learning curve in our NGO is quite steep as we have to learn and do a lot of things simultaneously. Be it teaching our students, interacting with them, conducting fun activities for them, concentrating on their well-being, talking to donors, training the volunteers, etc. 

Apart from this, our volunteers also mentor our students in jobs like inbound and outbound calling, SEO, graphic designing, etc. For the students who are being mentored on these skills, half of their time is spent completing their education too. Our students are also working with different companies as freelancers and for such students, the day involves doing their work with sincerity. 

But not everything is serious work. We have our fun times too. We organize several fun activities for our students like interactive training sessions and competitions and we also teach them extracurricular activities like painting, dancing, karate, etc. These are not only fun for them but also for us since it gives all of us a chance to loosen up our hair and indulge in conversations with our enthusiastic students. 

For us bringing a smile to a child’s face gives us deep satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words and can only be experienced. Our work here has made us delve into these children’s world, and understand their perspectives, thinking, and wishes, and sometimes actually most of the time this makes us also feel like a child again. While working here, we are constantly learning the importance of life’s little things and also learnings what it means to be happy. Whenever we receive a smile from one of our students, it fills our hearts with happiness and gratitude. Spending our days in the NGO gives us so much happiness and contentment that this place feels like home. 

Our perspective has transformed and we have become more understanding and patient. 

Thus a typical day at NeoFusion involves a plethora of moods, motivation, and never-ending enthusiasm. 

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