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How do nonprofits like us use technology to ease their operations?

Technology is processing and changing every day. As it develops rapidly, technology has become increasingly integrated into the workplace. It can ease and streamline manual labor, while the Internet provides a wealth of information on sources of funding, ways to connect with like-minded organizations and individuals, and to set up online platforms. Its usage is not only just limited to commercial businesses but many other fields. 

Non-profits and non-governmental organizations are increasingly looking for ways to improve services provided as well as create an impact in their society. Seeking to grow and expand, organizations like ours have taken a cue from the for-profit corporations with the goal of achieving comparable efficiency gains, thereby supporting the growth of their missions. From daily account processes to training volunteers, from updating records to engaging with donors, the potential of technology for charities is intense and overarchingly encompassing. 

Before we go ahead and tell you about how we use technology to ease our operations, I think it’s important for us to make you understand how we benefit from using technology in our daily tasks and make organizations like us much more efficient –

  1. Reduced Costs – Cloud computing solutions like emails, google drive, social networking and web conferences can save non-profit organizations time and money with their efficient purposes. This type of technology can be used anywhere with an internet connection, allowing people to connect with partners all over the world in real time. It increases flexibility with an organization’s operations and reduces costs spent on paper and printing. It also offers a multitude of other benefits such as – simplifying accounting that gives non-profits ample time to dedicate their efforts more to fulfilling their cause, limiting the need for a complex IT infrastructure and hiring related specialists, reducing expenses associated with licensing software, and maintaining hardware, etc. 
  1. Centralizing data automatically – CRMs or donor databases are some of the most important tools for storing and interpreting your donor data. For example – many software can automatically compile and upload data gathered from donation pages into a compatible CRM. This saves a significant amount of an employee’s time by eliminating the need for manual data entries and allows you to access all your data in one place. This data then can be analyzed together as a complete picture to gain an insight into donors’ giving patterns, which in turn will inform you about your fundraising strategy. Furthermore, many CRMs also provide communications and marketing features for organizations to reach donors directly. 
  1. Creating a diverse strategy – Marketing and communications technology have exponentially increased the scope and accessibility of NGOs’ audiences. Technological advancements allow nonprofits to reach donors more quickie and more cheaply through channels including – webpages, emails, SMS, social media, in-person conversations, apps, videos, etc. With so many options available, it’s important to maximize their efficiency by gathering information about their donors’ preferred communication channels. This can help non-profits send more effective, targeted communications with a higher ROI on each one because people are most likely to respond. Many of these channels can be repurposed for fundraising too. 
  1. Online Fundraising – Not only can the internet help you locate small grants but it also offers new ways to fundraise online. Many crowdfunding sites have grown in recent years and online donation forms have simplified traditional fundraising methods. By optimizing donating options to become easier to navigate and more accessible, organizations can avoid deterring potential donors with long or complicated processes. Online donations allow nonprofits to instantly process the gift, receive valuable donor data, and begin long-term communication with the donor through automated receipts. Though to ensure a smooth experience for the donor, make sure that your online fundraising software is mobile friendly, PCI compliant, and well integrated on your website, email, or main channels of communication.

Now that we have understood the advantages of using technology, let us tell you about how we use technology in NeoFusion –

  1. We have a biometric attendance system
  2. We have an online attendance system for our projects like project passion hub
  3. We have an online registration system for our projects
  4. We use zoom and other virtual meeting platforms for our projects and seminars
  5. We have an online donor payment system

In today’s day and age, while social media and apps are being leveraged by charities, it is recommended that charities recognize technology and innovation as an enabler of previously unrealized potential, a multiplier of outreach and impact, and embrace it to its true potential.

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