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The neofusion creative foundation


Thank You Dear Donors 

An act of kindness lasts forever. While it gives you as a donor a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, it gives the underprivileged adolescents of NeoFusion a chance to improve their circumstances and lessen the hardships that they face in their daily lives.

Your donations to us work for the cause of the underprivileged with limited means and are the best way to do our bit for society as a whole. We are doing all it takes to plug the gaps in “India’s Growth Story”. Our work is aimed at ensuring that our children and their communities get good healthcare, access to education, a safe environment, economic and social security, and that their basic fundamental rights are upheld. But we deeply rely on the support of philanthropic individuals like you for carrying out the work we do for empowering communities. 

Though we all tend to take good things in life for granted, not everyone in the world has been blessed with the necessary means to lead a dignified life. The world and our country have made swift economic progress over the past few decades but even today an unimaginable number of people in the world struggle to live a basic life. A lot of young children are deprived of certain must-haves like education, healthcare, shelter, safety, etc. It is people like you who donate an adequate proportion of the total income and bring about a change in the life of many marginalized children. We are sure, that the inner satisfaction that you get from doing something good for others cannot be explained in words. 

There is an old saying that goes by – “The more you give, the richer you feel”, and we completely believe in this. Giving and helping those who are not as fortunate as you will definitely make you feel that despite having a capped income, you are still capable enough to make a big difference. More than that, this helps in gratifying you and making you appreciate everything that life has given you. None of you are millionaires but we thank you enough to take out a part of your salary and donate to a noble cause. It’s your intention to do something for all those who are striving to live a normal life that matters the most. 

You all must have thought twice before making a contribution to us because of the confusion surrounding the impact. But your contributions to us make a huge difference. The amount you donate is received into a pool of funds that are utilized in designing and executing life-altering projects that help vulnerable children of our country. Your donations combined with thousands of other donations become big enough to help thousands of children.

All our lives, we draw a lot of things from society and are often interdependent on other members of society to fulfill many of our needs. Your donations to us are a way of helping underprivileged people to rise up and thus improve the overall social-economic status of the society you are part of. 

At NeoFusion Creative Foundation, we help adolescents who are struggling with homelessness, lack of education, lack of welfare, mental health illnesses, etc. Your individual donations allow us to help people and families in ways that one might not have imagined. For example – some programs at our NGO have grants or contracts that allow us to help with costs such as rent, security, and other expenses. But when have unrestricted funds from your donations, we can go beyond the ordinary and help the underprivileged to fulfill their studies, prevent homelessness, maintain a healthy lifestyle, etc. 

On behalf of The NeoFusion Creative Foundation, we again thank you, our dear donors, for all your support and contributions. These significant contributions have helped us and will always help us to bridge the gap between the fortunate and the less fortunate. It will go a long way to inspire other people to donate to NGOs like us who are putting their best efforts to help the less fortunate. It is the donors like you who are assisting us to bring change in the lives of many adolescents. Your one step has helped many adolescents acquire the necessary education and jobs to lead a better life. We have immense gratitude for all of you and we thank you once again for your support of our noble cause and promise to not let you down. 

Be the change you wish to see in the world!

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