The neofusion creative foundation


The neofusion creative foundation


How does NeoFusion benefit from donations ? 

The NeoFusion Creative Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) is an organisation that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business, but is organised and operates for the benefit of the public.These organisations are usually charitable, service-oriented, or humanitarian in nature.So, in order to sustain and to carry on philanthropic work, NGOs need donations. 

How does NeoFusion collect donations ? 

There are multiple ways through which NeoFusion can collect donations – 

  • Grants through projects of funding agencies
  • Government Schemes 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) funding
  • Crowdfunding through websites
  • Organising Events or fundraisers
  • By providing various services 
  • Funding appeals on social media sites

How are these donations used ?

The donations that are received by NeoFusions are used very meticulously and transparently in various ways – 

Project Sapne Huye Apne – This project is all about enhancing the life skills of the beneficiaries and has three main programmes in it, viz.

Udaan – The Outreach Programme – 

This programme aims at achieving the following :

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Career Guidance
  3. Vocational Skill Programme
  4. Personality Development

Prarambh – After School Programme –

This programme provides the following facilities :

  1. Workshops in schools and communities
  2. Free Summer Camp
  3. Educational Support
  4. Theatre, Dance and Painting Classes

Saksham – Formal Education Programme –

This programme provides the following facilities :

  1. Educational Support
  2. English Medium School
  3. Well Equipped Classrooms
  4. Computer Labs

Project Passion Hub – The main objective of this project is to provide mentors to beneficiaries through online classes. Started during the lockdown period in April,2020 this project has already helped over 3000 underprivileged adolescents to follow their passion and to empower them through their passions such as arts, dance, singing, music, theatre, taekwondo, etc. 

Project Samvaad – This project is all about spreading awareness on social issues such as gender equality, sexuality education, mental health, etc. Self awareness of the beneficiaries were encouraged through theatre workshops and the campaign #iwannatalk.This has positively impacted the lives of over 500 students and their families and friends as well.

Apart from these projects, 57 of our students are in college and we have trained over 250 adolescents in entrepreneurial life skills. We have also prevented early marriage of 25 girls who are now pursuing higher studies. 300+ school dropouts have started their schooling again. All these wouldn’t have been possible without the donations of many generous hearts. 

How can you donate to us ?

The NeoFusion Creative Foundation is registered under section 80G(5)(VI) of income tax act, 1961. Hence every donation made to us is eligible for tax exemption. 

To donate, visit our website and click on any of the donation links as per your convenience or you can also shop for a cause by visiting our website and purchasing articles made by our students. For more information contact us or visit our foundation physically. This will help the donors track their donations. 

Conclusion – Non-Profit Organisations were created to help those in need, but for them to be effective, they need donations. Can you help us in changing the lives of more people ? 

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