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How important is cultural and co curricular exposure for youth ?

The world has become smaller and more homogeneous than ever before. We are more exposed to people of different races and nationalities. Immigration is at an all time high, and with it the amount of exposure that youth has to new cultures is unprecedented and there are numerous benefits of exposure to cultural and co curricular activities for the youth.

Cultural Activity – Any activity which enhances a person’s knowledge about any culture through art, shared beliefs, cultural value promotion and practices of a community. 

Some examples of cultural activities are dance, painting, poetry, crafts, acting, music, singing, etc. 

Co Curricular Activities – Any activity that compliments regular academic curriculam in ways that it helps youth in gaining practical knowledge in addition to knowledge gained in classrooms. Some examples of co curricular activities include various clubs, debate, declamation, quiz competitions, artistic performances, etc. 

Why is cultural and co curricular activity important?

Youth need exposure to other cultures and activities to be able to see the diversity in the world. It’s not just about going to school and listening to your teachers in class. It’s about exposing yourself to opportunities, people, and places that may make you think differently. A certain sport or culture may be different from what you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in and try a new activity. Exposure to cultural and co curricular activities help in shaping children into better adults. It helps in shaping a child’s personality by helping them to develop social and cultural skills. It also improves the child’s ability to work as a team and to be more enthusiastic about their work. It also helps them to be more exposed to the world and be more aware of it.These are the soft skills that employers value very highly.

How does a lack of cultural and co curricular exposure affect the youth?

The current education system is a one-tracked, structured system of learning that is not conducive to the holistic development of the students. The system is too narrow-minded and focuses only on regular curriculum, without realising that the students’ lives do not only revolve around academics. Apart from academics, students are also exposed to other aspects of life and that is where their overall development lies. The school/college curriculum, as of now, is not designed to provide the students with any exposure to the outside world. In order to fulfil these void left by our education system, youth need to be exposed to such cultural and cocurricular activities so that they can transform themselves into better human beings with more understanding and knowledge of other cultures to accept the differences we have which will help the youth in the long run. 

Conclusion – Exposure to cultural and cocurricular activity from a young age can form a strong foundation for youth, and help them establish values to live by and gives them confidence in everyday life and also immensely help in developing social skills. 

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