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NeoFusion launched its first skill center in Jaipur, in 2013, intending to promote Visual and Performing Arts. Later, we approached adolescents by attracting their participation and enthusiasm through various art forms, and by encouraging them to complete High School once comfort was established. Every student learns one or more skills in academia while participating in plays, dance performances and more!



Education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. Therefore, The NeoFusion Academy of Excellence aims to reduce school dropouts by providing quality English Medium education following the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) curriculum for classes 1-12. Additionally, NeoFusion also provides its students with various after school academic classes that help develop their knowledge further.  



The Foundation gives a lot of importance to the health of its beneficiaries, consequently, making sure an Annual health check-up, in ties with Fortis Healthcare, Center for Sight and individual Medical practitioners, is conducted. Even though sexuality education and reproductive health services for adolescents are essential elements in different comprehensive preventive strategies, they have been largely ignored. We at NeoFusion have started Project Samvaad, an initiative with a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum for sexuality education, to bring an end to this issue.


Most adolescents from underprivileged communities come from highly abusive backgrounds- therefore, through a well-designed programme involving the creative arts, the team has successfully counselled many dropouts, unemployed youth, and abused adolescents. NeoFusion strongly believes in counselling and conducting value training for every child that becomes a part of it. Students are encouraged to participate in various art activities, life skill training and workshops with doctors, child psychologists and career coaches provided by NeoFusion.


NeoFusion also mentors school dropouts, encourages them to complete Senior Secondary Schooling or Undergraduate Degree, aligning them to their passions, while completing a full circle by creating not just livelihoods, but sustainable employment opportunities for the youth. The team collaborates with various industries to work on short and long-term projects for the youth in the age group of 18-25 years from other schools, Government schools, NGOs or the community around.


Arti Bairwa joined NeoFusion Creative Foundation back in April 2018 as a student of class 8th. Just two months after she joined, she was promoted to class 10, which she passed with flying colours. An awardee for the Kaka Hathrasi Shiksha, 2019, she is currently in Grade 12 and is preparing for the CLAT exam as a law aspirant. She also excels at taekwondo and theatre and is working part-time as an assistant teacher at NeoFusion’s after school program.
May 05, 2021
Laxman joined NeoFusion Creative Foundation in 2015 to learn dance. He was in a government school till 8th grade and by 9th until he joined our morning school with NIOS, where he excelled. He continued theatre and started teaching his juniors theatre as well. Later, due to financial issues, namely, his father losing his job and his brother being sick. His family was dependent on him, and leaned towards marriage, thus resulting in him not attending classes. He didn’t have the money to pay fees, so, Dr. Anubooti counselled him a lot and funded his fees as he was a talented child. He came first in his class in 10th and continued to excel. He used to deliver milk in the morning, to help with finances, and attended school afterwards. He has always been very dedicated and sincere with his work, and is now giving the CET exam and aims to get into a journalism college.
May 05, 2021
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