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Our Impact

Welcome To NeoFusion

A world where poverty will not exist

Since NeoFusion was established in early 2013 as an ‘after-school program’ for adolescents, it has been a highly rewarding journey in terms of programs and projects executed, milestones achieved, and lives transformed.

  • 12,500+ adolescents reached through workshops, street plays and camps
  • 300+ migrated school dropouts are pursuing their schooling with us.
  • 250+ trained in entrepreneurial life skills.
  • 61 of our students are pursuing college.

Our Initiatives

What We Offer

Changing lives with education, guidance, health care, art, skills and community outreach.

Community Outreach

The objective of this program is to gain access to areas where adolescents..

Program for School Dropouts

This program aims to curtail the alarming rate of school dropouts in various….

Education & Knowledge

NeoFusion had a humble beginning with no government or corporate funding…

Health & Nutrition

The Foundation gives a lot of importance to its beneficiaries’ health….

Performing & Visual Art

NeoFusion launched its first skill centre in Jaipur in 2013, intending to promote….

Guidance & Employability

NeoFusion also mentors school dropouts, and encourages them to complete…

Online Class & Mentoring

In April 2020, NeoFusion launched the project ‘Passion Hub- Taking mentors…

Skill Development

The objective of this program is to gain access to areas where adolescents..

Sexuality Education

A sustainable change in an inclusive society cannot prosper on an unleveled field…

Success Stories

Journeys of our students and the change that we were able to bring.

Priyanka joined us in 2014. Before joining us, she was studying at a government school and during holidays used to work with her mother as a domestic helper. After she joined us, she loved coming to our NGO daily and started learning dance, theater, and acting. When she was 16, her family wanted to get her married but our founder explained to her parents the importance of educating her and also the importance of learning extracurricular activities. She feels deep gratitude towards our founder and thanks her endlessly for supporting her and explaining to her parents the importance of standing on one’s feet rather than getting married at a young age.

Priyanka Student

Firoz joined us in 2015 and lives in our summer school. Earlier, he used to study in a government school and was in class 08th over there. He used to go to that school daily but never concentrated on his studies because of a lack of interest. He used to roam with friends all the time and was scolded in school every day. His parents felt very embarrassed because of his actions and the complaints the teachers constantly had about him. Firoz did feel guilty about all of this but only for some time and used to again get back to having fun with friends all the time and ignoring studies.

Firoz Studant

Roshini joined us in 2017 when she was in 6th Standard and is currently in 11th standard. She passed her 5th from a government school. From the time she joined us she has been coming first in her class and has also topped the school many times. In October 2020 she lost her father and within a month of losing her father, she lost her mother too. She has two real brothers and one stepbrother. Her father was an electrician and loved her a lot. She was his priority and he loved her more than the sons. During the parent-teacher meeting with us, her dad always used to tell us that whatever Roshini asks from me I will give it to her. In 2017 she was awarded the prestigious Kaka Hatharasi Award. When her parents passed away, the relatives tried to tell her to stop coming to us, but since her father trusted us a lot, our founder did everything she could to make Roshini complete her 10th with us. She completed her 10th and topped the school also after so many problems and obstacles.

Roshini Yadav Studant

Sharifa joined us in 2019. She is 20+ now. She was very young when she went to school and then dropped out. She loved to study from a young age but rather than studying she used to help her parents and work as a full-time helper in other houses. In whichever house she used to live and work in, there she used to love to read English books and magazines. Because of her father’s pressure, she was forced to get married to her cousin at a very young age. Though post marriage she continued to stay with her mother itself. She was not happy with this at all and somehow she showed some strength and took the decision to get divorced. Since she was very young when she went to school, there was a gap of 10-12 years in her education before she joined us in class 9th to complete her studies. She is currently in 12th and topped her class in the 10th board exams. After 10th, she was awarded the Kaka Hatharasi Prerna Puraskar.

Sharifa Khatun Student


    Listen to what people that are working with us have to say.

    Dr. Aparna Jain Cosmetic, Aesthetic Dentist

    We feel absolutely delighted to be associated with Dr. Anubhooti and team NeoFusion in our little way. Have been contributing for the past three years for the education of one child at their centre which works superbly with less privileged but enormously capable children. I get regular updates of all the empowering work being done with these kids and it is heart-warming to be a part of the magical process in some way. Yes, indeed it would be great to see this mission growing by leaps and bounds and reach more people like us who wish to add their bit to this huge revolution and also help to reach more children who are deserving of better lives.

    Sapna Khemani Tarot Card and Nadi Astrologer

    I have been a part of NeoFusion for about three years now. It provides such beautiful vibes. I feel so grateful to have gotten a chance to sponsor a child, feels like my own. Whatever NeoFusion is doing is super satisfactory. I would love to help further and help spread the message.

    Rajani Kaushik Bharatnatyam Dancer and Choreographer

    I know Dr. Anubhooti and Neofusion from past four years. She is doing a fantastic job of helping school dropouts to join back studies by conducting tuition in the evening and now running full fledge school for them. Kids are not only studying but also leaning self-defence, dancing and theatre. I decided to Sponsor a kid named Priyanka two years back. Really happy to see her all round progress. She stood 6th rank in last year 9th standard exam and now she is in 10th. She dances beautifully and won innumerable prices in different dance competitions. Me being a teacher and choreographer my daughter also wants to become a teacher and a choreographer.

    Dr. Ravi K. Dhar Director - JIMS, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

    NeoFusion Creative Foundation has been transforming the lives of children. It is educating them and mentoring them with missionary zeal and passion. But for this Foundation, these children would have slid into the darkness of poverty and dependence on government help. The driving force behind this noble initiative is the vision of Dr. Anubhooti. I wish her and her team all the best.

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