Guidance Coaching & Employablility


NeoFusion also mentors school dropouts, and encourages them to complete Senior Secondary Schooling or Undergraduate Degree, aligning them to their passions, while completing a full circle by creating not just livelihoods but sustainable employment opportunities for the youth. The team collaborates with various industries to work on short and long-term projects for the youth in the age group of 18-25 years from other schools, Government schools, NGOs, or the community around.

Most adolescents from underprivileged communities come from highly abusive backgrounds- therefore, through a well-designed program involving the creative arts, the team has successfully counselled many dropouts, unemployed youth, and abused adolescents. NeoFusion strongly believes in counselling and conducting value training for every child that becomes a part of it. Students are encouraged to participate in various art activities, life skill training and workshops with doctors, child psychologists and career coaches.

NeoFusion, under this initiative, collaborates with multiple foundations for skill development of our students.


Our ultimate goal with this program is to create highly trained employable students with our Guidance Coaching and Employability training program. We want the adolescents under us to not only survive but also excel in the fields they choose, that’s why we focus highly on their sufficient training and coaching.


With our approach to Employability and Guidance for adolescents, over 250+ students are in employability program and have started earning through our projects, and many more talents are being polished progressively.