Skill Development


Keeping in mind the utmost importance of skill development of all kinds in adolescents right from young age, at NeoFusion we strive to inculcate every child we can in Information Technology skills as well as Performing & Visual Arts skills. We run initiatives that cater to the overall development of skills in adolescents right from visual arts & performing to computer education & information technology.


Our goal with this initiative is to promote and train our students in various skills and develop them to achieve versatile knowledge in their lives. We mainly focus on skills that teach Information Technology and Performing & Visual Arts to our students so that they can compete in the real world.

Below is the wide range of areas we cover in the development of our children’s skills:

Information Technology: The world nowadays revolves around IT and we aim to teach our students that with this project. Topics taught to students in Information Technology are below.

Performing & Visual Arts: Arts is a vital skill in our lives and we teach this to our students with the help of the following art forms.

We are Delighted to have NIIT Foundation as our Skill Development Partner.


With the skill development project, NeoFusion has transformed many lives and helped adolescents stand out in this competent world. Be it computer skill and technical knowledge or the skillful world of performing and visual arts, hundreds of students has benefited from the project and we hope to benefit even more in the future.